I. breach breach 1 [briːtʆ] noun
1. [countable, uncountable] LAW an action that breaks an agreement, rule, law etc:

• The company wrote a letter of apology to the Israeli government, saying that any breach of the rules was unintentional.

• They were in breach of London stock exchange regulations.

anticiˌpatory ˈbreach [countable, uncountable] LAW
when one person or organization that has signed a contract says in advance that they cannot or will not perform their responsibilities. When this happens, the other person or organization involved can ask a court to make a decision about it
2. [countable] a serious disagreement between people:

• a new and serious breach between the US and Germany

  [m0] II. breach breach 2 verb [transitive] LAW
if someone breaches an agreement, rule, law etc, they break it:

• Sumitomo asserted that the agency breached its contract to buy 41 cars.

• They claim that the supplier had breached their agreement.

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breach UK US /briːtʃ/ noun [C or U] LAW
a failure to obey a law or to do what was promised or agreed: breach of sth »

Companies face fines of up to €75,000 for each breach of the legislation.

be/constitute a breach »

To publish in this form would constitute a breach of copyright.

a clear/flagrant/blatant breach »

His refusal to account for the money was a flagrant breach of all rules of professional conduct.


a serious/fundamental/grave breach


a possible/potential/alleged breach


The property developer was awarded $2,000,000 for breach of contract over the restaurant chain's withdrawal from a lease.


Both the Stock Exchange and the panel cleared the bank of any breach of regulations or insider-trading.


The public are used to breaches of promise by governments.

See also ANTICIPATORY BREACH(Cf. ↑anticipatory breach), BREACH OF CONFIDENCE(Cf. ↑breach of confidence), BREACH OF DUTY(Cf. ↑breach of duty), BREACH OF FIDUCIARY DUTY(Cf. ↑breach of fiduciary duty), BREACH OF TRUST(Cf. ↑breach of trust), BREACH OF WARRANTY(Cf. ↑breach of warranty)
breach of the peace — Cf. breach of the peace
be in breach of sth — Cf. be in breach of sth
breach UK US /briːtʃ/ verb [T] FORMAL LAW
to not obey a law or to not do what was promised or agreed: »

The corporation was sued for allegedly breaching a contract to supply voice-mail systems.


The organization's conduct during the conflict breached international law, according to a leading human rights group.


breach rules/regulations


Since the group warned it was in danger of breaching its banking covenants last week, the shares have tumbled 47%.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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